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Posted 2015-09-20 03:36:26 - by Hà Trung Thành
Jeremy CorbynImage copyright PA
Image caption Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour's new leader on 12 September with almost 60% of the votes

Labour would renationalise the railways "line by line" if it formed the next government, new leader Jeremy Corbyn is expected to reveal.

The party intends to regain control of rail franchises as they expire, BBC correspondent Iain Watson reports.

The party is to set up a task force that will consider how to implement the plans - expected to be outlined at the party conference next week.

John Major's government split British Rail up into franchises 20 years ago.

Since then the number of passengers travelling on the railways has doubled, but the public subsidy has risen.

Mr Corbyn has previously said the railways should be renationalised along with Royal Mail and has opposed the high speed railway line HS2.

The incremental renationalisation policy is expected to leave around two thirds of lines privately run after the first term of a future Labour government.

Its task force will also consider rail reforms such as simplified ticketing and better integration of services with other modes of transport.

The party argues an incremental approach to renationalisation, advocated by Mr Corbyn's leadership rival Andy Burnham, would be a cost-effective solution.

But Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said Labour's approach was "a backwards-looking policy which would cost billions of pounds and leave less money to spend on improving services".

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